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COVID-19 Cemetery Policies

March 17, 2020

Effective immediately, the Schara Tzedeck Cemetery Board is implementing the following COVID-19 risk management mitigation protocols:

1.       All unveiling ceremonies scheduled from now through April 30 have been canceled.  We are not scheduling or rescheduling any new unveiling ceremonies at this time.

2.       Our funeral chapels are closed, and all funeral services will take place graveside.  Burials may be attended only by immediate family members and grandchildren.  In order to recite the kaddish, we will permit enough additional people in order to make up a minyan, including the officiating rabbi and either of our two funeral directors (Joseph Marciano and/or Howard Jampolsky)

3.       The tradition of forming two lines to wish the mourners comfort will be discontinued.

4.       We will provide disposable gloves for those wishing to use shovels.  The filling of the grave by the mourners present will not be encouraged or required.

5.       The hand washing station will be closed.  Those visiting the cemetery for funeral services or other visitations should wash their hands upon their return home.

6.       Visiting the cemetery for reasons other than a burial are permitted at this time (subject to change) but all visitors are expected to maintain a respectful and appropriate distance from others on the property.

7.       If you are visiting the cemetery, and you are in need of using the washroom, please locate a staff member who will unlock the building for you.  If at all possible, take steps before leaving home to reduce the likelihood of needing to use the washroom at the cemetery.

8.       If visiting the cemetery, do not place stones on headstone, or leave any materials at the gravesite.  All stones and other items left behind will be removed and discarded.

These policies and procedures are in effect at all our cemetery locations, specifically:

NEW WESTMINSTER CEMETERY, 2345 Marine Drive, New Westminster BC

SURREY CEMETERY, 16656 – 60th Avenue, Surrey BC

MOUNTAIN VIEW CEMETERY – Jewish Section, Fraser Street & near 33rd Avenue, Vancouver BC

With G-d’s help, and our commitment to these and other protocols we are all being asked to follow, we hope to resume normal operations quickly.

Howard Jampolsky,
Executive Director

Tel: (604) 733-2277 Ext 204

To report a death, call (604) 733-2277 or (604) 603-7164