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One of the most beautiful acts of love a person can do is to pre-arrange a plot and funeral so that, at the time of loss, the sur‍‍‍viving family members can mourn the loss without the added stress and burden of planning and arranging payment.

the Schara Tzedeck Cemetery Board has prepared several options for people to take care of the arrangements prior to the need.

Planning and pre-paying today will inflation-proof your arrangements for the future.  We will work with you and help you come up with a plan based on your individual needs.

Pre-need planning


Our funeral directors are dedicated to providing families and their deceased loved ones with thoughtful and compassionate care. This includes meeting with the family at the time of need to collect vital information, plan the funeral including accessing government assistance programs like the Veterans Last Post Fund and the BC Burial Program, coordinate the services of the Chevra Kadisha and provide all necessary documentation to the family.

At Need‍‍‍ Care

In the days, weeks and months following the death of a loved one the after-care department is available to help families in various ways.

We provide an Executor’s Aide kit with pre-filled forms such as CPP Death Benefit Application, CPP Survivor Benefit Application, Service Canada notification and CRA Notification.  Each family is given their own username and password to an online executor aide website. They can access most of the forms and personalized letters to help administer the estate of their loved one.

After-care supports also helps families plan the headstone unveiling and provides a Yahrzeit Calendar.

Headstone restorations can also be planned for family members who are interred at the cemetery.

After-care Services

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Headstone Restorations

Schara Tzedeck Cemetery Board • 2345 Marine Drive    New Westminster, BC  V3M 6R8

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There are many factors that affect the condition of a headstone over the years, these include the type of stone and the location of the stone. Typically, families choose to restore headstones prior to a family unveiling.

Headstone restorations are carefully and meticulously handled by our grounds team. The process includes cleaning and polishing the stone and repainting the lettering.  

Depending on the type of stone, pillow, upright, or double ‍‍‍upright, the Schara Tzedeck Cemetery Board suggests a donation between $150-300 for which a tax receipt will be issued.

Or‍‍‍der a headstone restoration